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It is beautiful. It’s really fun. It is also one of the most functional and practical upgrades you can make to a custom garage design. Dirt, water, snow, and whatever else comes off our tires no longer tracks into our house. It simply falls to the floor below to be blown out at a later date. These garage floor tiles are easy to install - they snap together and sit on top of the existing concrete garage floor. They come in dozens of colors and can be installed in a few hours. Aside from them elevating the look and feel of our garage, they all but eliminate dust and dirt both in the garage and in the house. If you are considering a garage organization project, this should be a serious consideration.

Living with someone who owns a custom closet and storage company, it is not uncommon for our house to be used as the test site for new products. This sounds like a dream, right? It can be. It can also mean waking up to work trucks and installers that I didn’t know were coming to install things I didn’t know I needed. This happened one day last fall. I came down the stairs to find the entire contents of my garage scattered about my front yard. I didn’t even ask, I just went to work. I came home to a grey and red checkerboard garage floor. “Cool” I said and walked inside.

Custom garage floor
Office Desk and Murphy Bed Combination


Murphy Beds are now as stylish as they are practical. They can be combined with an office storage solution or function as a stand alone built in cabinet with shelving, drawers and cubbies. These murphy beds are ideal for tight spaces in need of guest sleeping accommodations. We've even installed them in kid's bedrooms for sleepovers. Personally, we have one in our home office and purchased a Casper mattress which are not only a great fit - they are super comfortable. We designed drawers around ours with some added hanging space for our guests to store their belongings. The best part? When it is not in use, you would never know a bed was tucked away behind the doors. Though we can't lie - it is a great nap spot in between meetings and with the new Zoom background options, no one will ever know. 

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